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14 Ways To Prevent Blockages In Your Drainage System

A Clogged Drainage System Can Be A Terrible Inconvenience Especially If It Happens When You Least expect. This can possibly lead to hazardous situations such as flooding, air pollution and leakage because of stagnant water that collects in the drain. But it can be avoided, through maintenance.

When debris, small objects, grease, and intrusive tree roots pile up in a drainage system, it will clog. While your house pipes may not be blocked, this is not indicative that a bigger clog is not happening in a different line. There

Why Let Your Drainage System Get Clogged Up When With These Fifteen Maintenance Tips, You Can Prevent It?

1. A plunger is effective against minor clogs. Use it.

2. Clear the debris from under your bathtub stoppers a couple of times per week. Also, remember to wash the stopper before placing it back in the drain.

3. If You Lose Hair Easily, Make Sure You Place A Barrier (Mesh) On The Drain Hole Before You Wash Your Hair In The Bathtub Or Sink. It is vital to ensure that hair doesn't enter the drainage system, for the same reasons that you prevent food from going down the kitchen sink.

4. Eliminate hair build - up in the drains by giving your hair a good brushing before you take a shower so that all the loose hair would be removed prior to this.

5. Have a plumber install grates over your drains. When Getting Your Drains Cleaned, Use A Drain Cleaner That Is Anti - Bacterial And Which Is Not Corrosive.

6. Don't grow trees or large plants near your drainage system, or pipes may become clogged due to root intrusion.

7. You should have an annual contract with a drainage company so they can conduct inspections regularly and help service your drains. One good company to offer a package such as this in London is Drainage London. Teach and instruct other members of your house on drainage maintenance guidelines.

8. Don't use chemical cleaners Which can be damaging and corrosive.

9. Don't Put Your Waste Or Any Object In Your Drains. Put your trash in the dustbin, and not down your drain.

10. You must never put things like grease, fat, gum, food, condoms, pills and cosmetics in your drains.

11. Simply put, drains are only meant for water, urine, and faeces.

12. Get A Wire Coat Hanger, Make It Straight, Then Bend One End Of It To Form A Hook, Slip The Hooked End Past Your Drain Cover And Use It To Fish Gunk Out From Your Drain.

13. You can prevent the build - up of grease in the drain by pouring hot salty water down it.

14. As this is not a fully comprehensive list of dos and don'ts, there are several other things you could do. Make sure you don't use acidic chemicals

If you are still encountering drainage issues after you practice these tips and don not have access to a drainage company, do not worry about it. Instead, you should get in touch with a plumber. If you are a resident of London, call the technicians at Drainage London, to restore your drainage system to pristine conditions.